water running in toilet
source: pixabay

Water running in the toilet can be really annoying. Though frustrating, this problem this can also be very costly is not resolved quickly. Your utility bill will go up, your septic system may become damaged, if your house is on well water, the pump may burn out, and you could even find yourself facing flooding within your home.

This is a repair that should not be delayed. But, you must know what causes the toilet to constantly run before you are able to fix it.

Look to the Internal Workings of Your Toilet

There are several internal components in your toilet that could malfunction, become worn, or break that could cause the constantly running toilet.

The first is the fill valve. This is supposed to close once the toilet fills up. If something happens, it will not close and your toilet will continuously attempt to fill up.

Then, there is the flapper. This is designed to seal off the flush valve. It is connected to a chain. If it malfunctions or the chain breaks, water may continue to run in the toilet tank.

While on the topic of the flush value, it is important to know this component can cause a toilet to constantly run. In most instances, erosion will wear this part down and allow a slow constant flow of water. The flush lever that you use to flush the toilet may also tear up and cause problems. You should check this regularly to ensure that the lever is secure, tight, and in optimal working order.

All of these internal workings of the toilet can be found right in the tank on the backside of the unit.

The Risks

You may not realize it, but a lot of water will pass through a toilet that is constantly running. This can put you in a state of shock when you receive your utility bill.

On top of creating an overflowing expense, a constantly running toilet can physically overflow. This can put you at risk for experiencing flood damage.

As the water continues to run, it can saturate your drain field. This can result in drain field failure – which can be very challenging and very expensive to fix.

When your toilet is constantly running, it is always best to fix it immediately. Not only will it be inexpensive, but it will not put you at risk for other complications.

Need Help?

Do you find yourself a bit stumped on what the issue is with your running toilet? Are you uncomfortable handling the job yourself? Do not wait for the issue to turn into a disaster. If you do, it could mean the difference between a simple solution and comprehensive damage that can prove to be very costly. Simply contact us today for assistance.