In today’s world, more and more homeowners are integrating a heat system to their garage so that the space may be utilized all year-round, without the worry of the outdoor weather circumstances. If you have been considering the installation of heat in your home’s garage, you should know that there are numerous advantages. The good news is, there are many easy-to-use and inexpensive heating options available on the market today for your garage. Continue reading to learn about the rewards you will reap by heating your garage.

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1. Vehicle’s Battery Capable of Producing Electrical Current Necessary for Starting During the Cold Months

When it is cold outside, it is possible for your vehicle battery to be negatively impacted in such a way that it is unable to produce the electrical current that is necessary to successfully start your vehicle. If your vehicle is unable to start, you are left stranded and cannot get to work, appointments, or wherever else you have to be. In order to deal with this issue, many people may choose to get an engine block heater; however, a garage heating system is the best way to go. Not only will it ensure the warmth of your vehicle and your vehicle’s ability to start, it will produce a warm, comfortable environment for you.

2. Save on Fuel Expenses

If your vehicle is sitting in a cold garage, chances are, you will go out a few minutes before leaving, crank it up, and allow it to idle so that it may warm up before you go. That little 5 to 10 minute warm up can end up costing you a lot in fuel expenses. In addition to this, that causes unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. Why spend all that extra money? If you have a heated garage, you can completely bypass the whole letting your vehicle warming up process and save a lot of money each year.

3. Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you warm your car up in the garage, it is likely that you open a window or the garage doors beforehand; however, there are those situations where you may forget to open up something when cranking and warming up your vehicle. When this happens, you increase your risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have a garage, you should always have a carbon monoxide detector installed, but even those lose their charge. By having a heated garage, you can avoid this issue, altogether.

4. Improved Vehicle Performance

Did you know that leaving your vehicle out in extreme temperatures during the summer and winter, idling your vehicle for warm-ups, and similar situations negatively impact the performance of your vehicle? That is right! For example, if left out in freezing temperatures, the fuel lines may freeze and the oil may thicken. When left out in extreme heat, hoses and tires may crack. The list goes on and on. If you are able to control the climate within your garage, you will find that it lends to the optimal performance of your vehicle. Warm the garage in the winter and cool the garage in the summer – you will reap numerous rewards in doing so!

5. Protect Other Systems in Your Home

If you are like many homeowners, there are likely components of other home systems present in your garage. You may have a water heater, water lines, and other plumbing components in your garage. If your garage is uninsulated and lacks heat, you could find that your pipes freeze and that other complications arise with these systems. Did you know that one pipe freezing could prove to be more expensive than heating your garage? It is definitely something to keep in mind and consider when optimizing your home.

6. Protection of Valuables

The garage of the home is a location that is commonly used to store valuables. Did you know that extreme temperatures have the ability to destroy clothing, pictures, and other types of valuables that are commonly stored? Yes, you read that right. By simply having a climate control system put into place in your garage that both cools and heats, you will find that your personal valuables are properly protected. In addition to this, you should consider having moisture detectors added to the space. That way, you will be alerted immediately if the garage floods or experiences any additional levels of moisture that may destroy the valuables that you store in your garage.

7. Create a Living Space

In recent years, many homeowners have started converting their garage space to an additional living space. You may create a man cave, a she shed, a rec room, or even transform the space into a mother-in-law suite or tiny apartment – the choice is yours! To successfully transition the garage, you will definitely need to put a heating system (at the minimum) in the space. Ideally, you will want to put a complete HVAC system in place. This way, the garage will have the same degree of comfort control that the interior of your home has.

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8. Pursue Your Hobbies

Perhaps you do not have a desire to create an additional living space, but you would enjoy having an area to pursue your hobbies – be it painting, epoxy art, or other types of crafting. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy doing, you can transition your garage space to allow for the pursuit of the activities that you enjoy most. Before doing that, you will need to install a heating system. In doing so, you can do virtually anything that you want with your garage space.

9. Start a Business

Do you want to start a home business but want to keep your business life separated from your home life? If you answered “yes”, you may just be in luck! If you have a garage that includes a heating system, you can actually transform it into your own business. Perhaps you want to create a small store or just an office to work in, it does not matter. By having heat installed, you can do that and more! (As a side note, remember to consult with your local building and zoning when electing to open up a business as they may have additional policies, procedures, laws, rules, and regulations that you must adhere to.)

10. Improve Your Health

If all of the square footage is occupied within your home, you may take your garage and transition it into a home gym that will help improve your health. Before taking this step, though, you really have to put a heating system in your garage. It does not matter if you have unfinished flooring space, walls that need to be painted, or nothing that is aesthetically pleasing within your garage, as long as you have heat installed, you can utilize it to provide an instant boost to your health! You may throw in an exercise bike, some weights, and anything else you want to build up that body and improve yourself.

Rules and Regulations

If you want to install heat in your garage or any other HVAC unit, be sure to find out whether rules and regulations by your homeowners’ association or the codes in your neighborhood are put into place. It is always important to evaluate any rules, regulations, laws, policies, and/or procedures to determine if you are allowed to engage in certain activities on your property. This way, you can complete the task exactly how you are expected to do it the first time and do not have to face any complications later on down the road. If you must have an inspection performed after the installation of your heating system, do not skip this. It will catch up with you – eventually. If you do everything the way you are supposed to in the beginning, you will do yourself a huge favor.

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