There are different types of water pumps, each designed for a different purpose in a home or business. However, all water pumps are used to move water from one place to another.

water pump
source: pixabay

One type draws water out from a building while another supplies water from a source. Below are the two major classifications of water pumps, well and sump.

Well Water pumps generates water from an underground source by pushing the water inside the well out to the pipes to be distributed to various outlets. Well water pumps require energy to work either via electricity or mechanical action. When buying well water pumps, one must consider the following:

  • the distance from the water source to the area that needs water supply
  • the number of bathrooms, kitchen sink, wash areas etc or,
  • the number of water outlets designated in the building

Well water pumps are typically bought together with pressure tanks, which are also considered another type of water pump, to provide storage or steady supply of water even if the well water pumps are turned-off.

While well water pumps work to supply water to a building, Sump pumps do the reverse.

Sump Water Pumps are used to draw water out from a flooded basement or underground area. Several homeowners have consistent problems with water getting inside their basements during rainy seasons or storms and there’s no other easy way than to suck out the water out from their homes. A bucket or large containers below floor level are usually placed in the basement. When water is collected, sump pumps are activated to remove this water out.

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