Sewer Line Camera Inspection

At Reynolds Plumbing in Richmond, Indiana, we offer a comprehensive sewer line camera inspection that provides our team and you with the highest level of information regarding your underground sewer pipes, drain lines, and plumbing system.

Our sewer camera service provides the most reliable, and non-invasive inspection service using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

For over 30 years, we have engaged in many activities that have revolutionized the plumbing industry through streamlined plumbing solutions and long-lasting solutions.

One of the most popular methods that we utilize to ensure that your system is performing optimally is the sewer camera service.

This unique, completely safe technique allows our clients to save time, an immense amount of money, and avoid troublesome messes. Learn about our sewer inspections that utilize a waterproof camera and how this type of inspection can help you.

Sewer line camera inspection

Who Needs a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

There are a variety of reasons why you may require a plumbing video inspection. The following outlines situations where this type of service may be required:

  • If you want to engage in the act of inspecting the overall health of the septic system of your home to determine if any type of maintenance or repairs is required, a sewer camera test is for you.
  • If you have the desire to remodel the kitchen, remodel a bathroom, or even add an additional bathroom to your home, a plumbing camera inspection can help you determine if the system has the capability of handling the new demands that will be placed on it due to the increase in the amount of flow and waste.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a new home, it is important to have a sewer inspection performed in order to determine if there are any underlying issues that need to be tended to prior to moving in the structure.
  • If you have accidentally lost something of value – such as jewelry – through a drain in your home, a video inspection of the system may help in locating the item.

Signs a Sewer Needs a Video Inspection

While it is true that there may be times when you need to initiate a sewer camera inspection – as outlined above – there are also times when signs are present that indicates that the system needs a video inspection.

The following outlines the most common signs that are indicative of an issue that needs to be immediately addressed:

  1. If you start to notice that your sewer is backing up, there is an issue. Typically, this is always a direct result of a blockage. The blockage may be caused by a wide array of complications. These include – but, are not limited to – the buildup of grease, a pipe that has broken or has been crushed, debris that has fallen through drains, or even the intrusion of roots within the system.
  2. Sometimes, a sewer lateral will experience problems. If you notice that there is an overgrowth of grass in a certain area of your lawn, you may have an issue with your system. When a septic system starts leaking waste, the soil will absorb that waste. In turn, the grass in that area will often grow thicker and may even be colored a bit differently than the rest of the grass in your yard.
  3. If you notice foul smells, a video inspection may be necessary to evaluate your sewer. This typically happens when the water becomes blocked in your vents that aid in directing the air flow or in your drain traps. The foul smells may occur in your home or outside near the septic tank unit.
tree roots grow into sewer lines
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Issues That May be Discovered by a Sewer Line Camera Inspection

There are many different types of issues that may be quickly identified through the use of a sewer line camera inspection. The most common include:

  • The intrusion of roots
  • Blockages due to debris
  • Drain lines that may be bellied
  • Leaks that are occurring among the pipe joints
  • A sewer lateral that has become cracked
  • Lateral joints that have experienced some type of separation
  • Piping that has started experiencing some level of deterioration

Additional Benefits of a Plumbing Camera Inspection

In addition to the benefits that have already been outlined that may be experienced with a sewer camera service, this special service may also aid in the following:

  1. Line Location – The sewer camera that we utilize here at Reynolds are specially-designed to emit a signal. A receiver is able to pick up on that signal from above the ground. As a result, this type of camera service is able to locate lines in your system.
  2. Drainage Problems – All pipes within your sewer system use gravity so that waste and water from the home goes down. It may end up in a city waste center or in your septic tank. It all depends on what components your system uses. A sewer camera has the capability of locating drainage problems that may occur from your home down into the final destination of the waste. When the drainage issue is discovered, the cause may be observed through the sewer inspection camera.
  3. Pipes – In many instances, you may need to know what types of pipes are used in your system. A septic camera has the ability to help you in this endeavor.
  4. Connections – A sewer line camera inspection has the ability to review all of the connections that are associated with your sewer system to determine where the water and/or waste flows that comes from your home.

Avoid Unnecessary and Costly Repairs and Maintenance

By having a sewer line camera inspection performed by us here at Reynolds Plumbing, you can avoid unnecessary and costly repairs and maintenance. Why engage in the time-consuming task of determining what the problem is when we can do it with the highest level of efficiency. Why struggle with pipes, water, and waste when it may not even be necessary? We can handle it all! If you are ready for solutions, Contact Us Today.