Generally speaking, residential toilets are models whose functionality depends upon gravity flow. These units have the potential of using up to 5 gallons of water each time they are flushed. Not only are these old-fashioned, but they are also highly inefficient – regardless of their general level of functionality. Additionally, it has been determined through extensive testing that gravity-flow toilets do not possess the power that is required to completely eliminate waste. The solution? A pressure-assist toilet.

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The Pressure-Assist Toilet at a Glance

Pressure-assist toilets are designed in such a way that they are able to utilize higher levels of water-based pressure in order to effectively eliminate waste directly into the structure’s sewage system. The water used during the flush cycle is pushed through with a higher velocity.

Not only do pressure-assist toilets utilize less water during the flush cycle, but they are also more effective at reducing the likelihood of a clog.

Additionally, there are power-assisted models that are available with a low-flow option.

How Does the Toilet with Pressure-Assist Work?

The pressure-assist toilet is designed with two tanks – one inside of the other. This creates compressed air. When flushed, the air forces water that is within the product down. This type of toilet is significantly louder than other models due to the air compression and the force that is created when flushed, but it uses less water and ensures a complete flush.

What is so Special About the Tank That Builds Pressure?

In a pressure-assist toilet, the smaller tank rests within the main tank of the product. It includes a special type of air bladder technology that features both water and air. The weight of the water compresses the air within the tank. When flushing is engaged, the associated pressure forces the water through the system. Once it completes the flush cycle, water, and air refill the pressure assist tank to ensure a continuous successful cycle each time the unit is flushed.

Is a Pressure-Assisted Toilet Energy Efficient?

Being that a pressure-assisted toilet utilizes two tanks, many believe that it lacks energy efficiency; however, this is not true. Not only does this particular toilet type utilize less water than traditional toilets, the product does not negatively impact the overall water pressure in your home because it creates its own pressure.

If you have the shower running and flush a pressure-assist toilet, you will not experience a decline in pressure with the shower water. It will remain consistent.

If you want to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home, replacing your toilets with pressure-assist toilets will allow you to experience success in the endeavor.

Will a Pressure-Assist Toilet Save Money?

Yes, pressure-assist toilets are designed to save you money!

First, the product has very few moving parts. Traditional toilets include many moving parts. Over time, these have to be repaired or they have to be replaced. This is not the case with a power flush toilet. Additionally, the technology of the system forces water out more quickly than traditional toilets.

This means that you are far more likely to experience clogs in your plumbing system. Finally, this type of toilet uses less water. Installing a pressure-assisted toilet will save on your water bill or your electric bill – depending on whether you are on city water or a well.

Will I Have to Clean a Power Flush Toilet Often?

No, you will not have to clean a power-flush toilet often. In fact, it will remain cleaner for longer periods of time than a traditional gravity flush toilet. This is made possible by the intense force that occurs with the water when the toilet is flushed.

Not only does it aid in cleaning the interior surfaces of the product, it ensures that all waste within the bowl is completely removed – every single time.

You will quickly find that your bathroom looks better, smells better, and remains clean for longer periods of time than it did when you had a traditional toilet in place.

Is a Pressure-Assist Toilet the Same Thing as a Power Flush Toilet?

Yes, a pressure-assist toilet is sometimes referred to as a “power flush toilet”. They are the same thing. These work by combining pressurized water with a certain degree of gravity in order to completely empty the contents of the toilet bowl upon flushing. If you have trouble flushing your current toilet, this type of toilet is a great replacement option.

Is a Pressure-Assisted Toilet Larger Than a Traditional Gravity Flush Toilet?

No, a pressure-assisted toilet is not larger than a traditional gravity flush toilet system. In fact, these are not only a tad smaller, but they are significantly lighter than traditional toilets. This means that they make an excellent option for small bathrooms and they do not overwhelm the structure of the home with additional weight.

Does a Pressure-Assist Toilet Increase Bathroom Humidity?

No, the double tanks within the pressure-assist toilet are uniquely designed. As a result, condensation does not build up within the bathroom. Additionally, it reduces the number of germs and bacteria that are circulating within the room. The reduction of moisture within the bathroom helps in keeping the room safer and cleaner.

Furthermore, you will find that it is less likely to damage the flooring and other components of the room. If you have a current issue with excess moisture and humidity within your bathroom, you will be pleased to know that it can be quickly resolved.

How Much Does a Power-Assist Toilet Cost?

The cost of a power-assist toilet ranges from $300 to $600, on average. Depending on the other features of the product, this type of toilet may cost more than $600.

While the initial costs are a bit on the high side, it is important to consider the amount of money that you will save – over time – by installing a power flush toilet within your home. It will result in less moisture damage which means fewer repairs and even fewer medical bills, and it will save money on plumbing repairs and issues. Furthermore, it will also help reduce your home’s overall level of energy consumption.

So, while you may spend, say, $500 on the initial purchase, you may save over $300 a year on other expenses. Within the second year of use, it has already paid for itself AND put a little money in your pocket!

Are There Any Disadvantages to Purchasing Power-Assisted Toilets?

As with any product, there are a couple of disadvantages that may occur when purchasing a power-assisted toilet. These include the following:

  1. The first disadvantage is the initial cost. Many feel these are just too expensive; however, those that have installed them in their home have discovered that – over time – they save them a tremendous amount of money.
  2. When flushing this type of toilet, it is very loud. To get an idea of the sound emitted from these toilets, think about the toilets in commercial buildings and how they sound. Remember, this is your home, so you may not want your toilet to be too loud. If not, this is definitely a disadvantage.
  3. The parts for a power-assist toilet may have to be specially ordered as not too many stores carry all of the components. This may prove to be an inconvenience if something happens with your toilet.

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