We here at Reynolds Plumbing and HVAC believe in providing our customers and those in our community with all of the necessary services available to construct, repair, and maintain their homes or businesses.

In addition to a wide assortment of heating, air, and plumbing services, we also offer mini excavation and concrete cutting services.

These services may be used in new construction projects, structural-based additions, and other projects that are similar in nature. Learn more and schedule these services for your home improvement projects.

mini excavator
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What is Mini Excavation?

Mini excavation is an activity that utilizes a specially-designed mini excavator to perform widely varied construction projects. Mini excavators are vehicles that run on either wheels or tracks and it may weigh up to 20,000 pounds. These are immensely popular machines due to their lightweight, small size.

When working in the field, they produce less track marks, which means less damage to the surface of the ground. They are extremely easy to operate and are much more efficient because they take up significantly lesser amounts of space compared to their larger counterparts.

The bucket size of the mini excavator is relatively small – measuring as small as one foot to as large as two feet. The versatility of these amazing machines is increased by the fact that a multitude of attachments may be used on the machines and its very light frame.

It results in a higher level of safety in the field and moves very fast. This means that jobs that could take a very large amount of time to finish may be finished very quickly.

The following outlines an assortment of examples in the ways that the mini excavator may be used in the field:

  1. To plow high levels of snow
  2. To complete the dig of holes
  3. To create trenches in or around your property
  4. To demolish small to medium-sized structures
  5. To perform landscaping tasks
  6. To assist in the construction or the repair of sewer lines
  7. To assist in the digging of the holes to create small ponds or to lay the groundwork for pool construction on your property
  8. To move dirt, sand, rock, and other types of building materials
  9. To push back or move brush and weeds
  10. To establish the groundwork for basement construction
Man using concrete cutter

What is Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting is a dedicated process that utilizes controlled sawing and complete cutting in order to remove concrete structures. We here at Reynolds are completely skilled operators that use a variety of tools to cut through concrete and various types of asphalt with the highest level of precision.

In the past, jack hammers were utilized to perform this task; however, as technology has improved, so has our method of cutting concrete surfaces. Our technique allows for a smooth and highly attractive finish to any job that we perform.

Depending on the situation, our services may include the cutting of rock and metal; however, we must make that determination on a case-by-case basis.

Our concrete cutting services implement a variety of wire saws, standard wall saws, flat-based saws, specially-designed concrete cutters, and special concrete cutting machines.

These machines use those that use a type of abrasive wheel and/or diamond-based blades.

Typically, we use those that are powered by a gas engine of two stores, hydraulic-based power unit, air compression, and/or an electric-based motor.

We are capable of completing virtually any concrete job that you currently have. We may require a review of a job prior to commitment – but it is only to ensure that you get the best work possible.

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