In today’s world, you may choose from a multitude of water filtration systems; however, one of the most popular is the reverse osmosis system. Examples of name-brand waters that are filtered with a filtration system that utilizes reverse osmosis include Pure Life®, Aquafina®, and Dasani®. Reverse osmosis is a technologically-advanced water filtration strategy that offers many benefits. In this guide, we will outline those benefits.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a special type of process for water purification that uses a synthetic-based lining in order to filter contaminants, sediments, and other types of molecules and particles that are unwanted or unsafe. Examples include dirt, chlorine, iron, and similar substances. Furthermore, the purification process successfully eliminates microorganisms from the water. Once completed, the only thing left behind is pure water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Work?

Many water filtration systems utilize chemical-based or carbon-based to attract water contaminants. Reverse osmosis does not. Instead, it pushes the water through a filter material. The pores of the filtration material are about 0.0001 microns. This means it may stop a grain of salt. Initially, this type of system was utilized to desalinate saltwater and to reduce heavy metals in water. Now, it is used in a variety of ways by the military, government, in businesses, and in residences.

Typical osmosis occurs when various molecules pass through a certain type of membrane from a weaker solution into a stronger solution. This continues to occur until both of the solutions are equal, in terms of concentration levels. Reverse osmosis is basically the same only it involves increasing the pressure to move molecules from a stronger solution or the contaminated water into the weaker-based solution, which is pure water.

Basic Statistics

There are approximately two million people throughout the United States that do not have drinking water that is safe. Up to 40% of all people in the country filter the tap water that they have in their homes. While most municipal water systems utilize reverse osmosis many homeowners seek additional filtration. As a result, they have reverse osmosis filtration systems installed at their residence to clean their water.

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The Benefits

If you are in the market for a filtration system for your water, the reverse osmosis systems are – by far – among the highest-rated and most popular. They offer numerous benefits. The following outlines these benefits:

1. Nearly 100% Contaminant Removal

Reverse osmosis filtration systems offer almost 100% complete contaminant removal from water. While no system is capable of guaranteeing 100% complete removal, this type of water filtration offers the most comprehensive removal of any system currently available on the market. The list of contaminants that may be removed is very large. It includes lead, asbestos, microorganisms, even grains of salt! If you want the purest drinking water possible, reverse osmosis is the way!

2. Better Tasting

If you utilize a reverse osmosis water filtration system, you will quickly discover that the water that you drink tastes better. Additionally, if you use your water for making water, tea, soups, and other food products, you will enjoy enhanced flavoring and better taste. Not only are contaminants removed, but these systems improve the odor and the overall appearance of your water, too!

3. Save Money

By integrating a reverse osmosis water filtration system into your home, you will save quite a bit of money. Not only will you find that you no longer have to purchase bottled water or fill up jugs or pay for a water delivery service, but you will save on the maintenance of appliances in your home that use water – such as your hot water heater and your washing machine. Furthermore, because you will have clean, pure water, you will find that you can use significantly less of the soaps and detergents that you typically use throughout the year.

4. Increased Water Consumption

Once you have a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in your home, you will find that everyone WANTS to drink more water. Not only does this cut down on purchasing bottled water, flavor water, juices, sodas, and other types of beverages, but this will also help to improve the overall health of everyone in the home because each person will be able to stay hydrated.

5. Beneficial to Pet Owners

When a reverse osmosis system is in place in the home, it offers cleaner water for pet consumption. In addition to this, if you raise fish, coral, and other types of aquatic-based pets, the water that you utilize in the aquarium will be the cleanest and purest available. It will not contain added minerals or human-based contaminants that may detrimentally impact the health of aquarium-based pets.

6. Better for the Environment

Purchasing bottled water, producing plastic for the bottles that the water goes into, and the electricity utilized for manufacturing and those “fill your jug” devices all have a negative impact on the environment. By using this type of water filtration system, all of this may be avoided. This means that it is an all-around better system for the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this is an excellent means of achieving success in your goal.

7. Cleaner

The reverse osmosis water system within a home will result in cleaner water. That is a given. Did you know it will also result in your getting cleaner during showering and bathing? It results in cleaner water to brush your teeth. The cleaner water will result in cleaner ANYTHING that the water comes in contact with. This means cleaner dishes, cleaner meals, cleaner laundry, cleaner counters, cleaner floors, and more! If you are all about CLEAN, it is advised that you have a reverse osmosis water filtration system placed in your home today.

8. Energy Efficient

Many people do not realize it, but most reverse osmosis water filtration systems do not use any electricity – at ALL. Yes, you will need to purchase specially-designed filters for the unit, but you will not have to spend any extra money to actually run the system. These are the most energy-efficient water filter systems currently available on the market! Not only is that great for your finances, but it also reduces the strain that you put on the environment.

9. On-Demand Water

A reverse osmosis water filtration system provides pure, clean water – whenever you want it. You do not have to wait on a tank to fill up or for the process of filtration to complete. It is always working. That means that when you want or need to use water, pure, clean water is right there – waiting on you!

10. No More Water Scale

Do you have hard water? Does your water stain due to iron? Do you have issues with the water scale? The good news is, you will no longer have to worry about these issues! This is because these systems remove all of the minerals and other substances that cause these types of problems! Because of that, your bathtubs, toilets, dishwashing machines, washers, and other appliances will last much longer and require LESS maintenance!

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